About Us


Beginning in 2010 with the aim of green business, MTP Material Company has established by the group of academic, technology specialists working on a research of technology, equipment, and tools in order to support the operation of the production. It was registered the capital about 2,000,000 Baht in 2010. Until the year 2014, the founder had increased the registered capital to 30,000,000 Baht.


         With the aim of promoting environmentally friendly production, we had studied a number of researches on industry, environment, and components or specification of materials for the industrial production. Moreover, we have studied raw materials that are continuously developed as well as adulterations in those materials; e.g., natural adulterations; contamination from human activity. 


         Therefore, MTP Material Company has been studying and inventing friendly machines, equipment, and tools serving our customers’ needs that reach the customer satisfaction as our top priority since the establishment of the company.

Vision and Mission


MTP Material Company aims at being a top technological company and best serving
the industrial needs.


  • For Customers: To meet customer satisfactions and benefits by meeting all customer wants and needs about energy, technology, capital, and process system.

  • For Social and Community: To be a good (trustworthy) company with moral and social concern. Our production does not harm environment. Moreover, focus on helping communities to have better quality of lives.

  • For Employees: To enable and support our employees to improve their abilities, career skills, and quality of lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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